Vivian Galaxy’s real name is Vivian Obiamaka Orji Anyaegbu, she hails from Utuh in Nnewi South Local Government of Anambra State. She has 6 brothers and a sister.



When Vivian Galaxy was growing up, her parents did not want her to follow the music path so they tried all they could to dissuade her till she lost interest in music and singing, even though she has a beautiful voice. Because of her great voice texture no matter how much she runs and tries to avoid music she finds herself involved in it, people kept telling her that a GOLD FISH DOES NOT HAVE A HIDING PLACE. She was made the Choir prefect in her secondary school days but she accepted it reluctantly and for a very long time continued to show unseriousness in music.

Even though her 1st sign of song writing came to her when she was 12, it stopped when she lost the zealousness. The change of attitude towards music started in 2009 when she started having sleepless nights. That was the beginning of her major song writing training, most nights she wakes up at the middle of the night and write songs. These disturbances continued for a long time before she finally embraced music and started showing interest in music which made her singing skills advance. After the night wake song writing task stopped, she realized that she could actually write songs at anytime, and anything could trigger her instincts to write songs, in fact she became a prolific song writer.

Vivian Galaxy is a sensational Singer; she does meaningful songs that exhibit inspiration, love and ills of our society. She started music professionally in 2012 when she finally decided to start recording her songs, and gradually she was able to finish recording her 2 volumes album with 25 tracks which was released in the market on the 21st of August 2017. The title of the albums are A CALL TO SERVE (LOVE/INSPIRATIONAL) which has 12 tracks and A CALL TO SERVE (CHRISTIAN) which has 13 tracks, she chose that title because her journey into music is a call that she tried to run from. The Christian Album was necessary for her because she wanted to appreciate God for seeing her through the hurdles encountered on her music journey.

As you support Vivian Galaxy’s music, our good God will continue to bless you in all your endeavours. Amen.